Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does the Church have tables and chairs that I can use?

A:  Yes!  We have twenty  6-foot rectangular tables and one 48-inch round table.  We have 100 padded, folding chairs – they are brown metal with green fabric.


Q: What does my rental fee include?

A:  It includes use of the hall, the stage area, the kitchen, the Bride’s Room and Groom’s Room, the garden and the parking lot.  It does not include use of the Peter Pan Nursery School unless special arrangements are made.  In addition to the chairs and tables mentioned above, you may use any of the other furniture, including the piano.  The kitchen has two stoves (each with an oven and four gas burners), a microwave, two double sinks, and a refrigerator.  We have a 60-cup urn for hot water, a 50-cup urn for coffee and a Krups double carafe coffee maker.  If the weather is hot you are welcome to use our four standing floor fans.  The garden has a waterfall that can be running during daylight hours.  Note:  we do not have an ice maker or a freezer.


Q:  What is your policy regarding alcohol?

A:   We allow beer (in cans and bottles only — not a keg), wine and champagne.


Q:  What about candles?

A:  Yes, you may decorate with candles.  You are also welcome to build a fire in the fireplace.


Q:  What are the rules regarding decorating?

A:  You may not pin, tape or in any way affix things to the acoustic wall tiles, nor to the wainscoting or the floor.  You may gently pin things to the wooden window frames and the trim along the top edge of the wainscoting.    No confetti, glitter or rice is allowed, inside or outside.  We do not allow mylar balloons.  If you use regular helium balloons, please be careful that they don’t escape and get stuck in a tree!  Aisle runners are a tripping hazard and are not allowed.  Artificial flower petals may not be used in the garden.


Q:  What about garbage, composting and recycling?

A:  The Church does not have a garbage dumpster – just a regular container that is picked up curbside weekly.  If you generate more garbage than will fit in the can, you will have to take it with you.  We have unlimited recycling pickup, so you may leave all empty bottles and cans here in our recycling containers.  We also have containers for composting food scraps.


Q:  Can I set up tables and chairs in the garden?

A:  Tables, yes.  The padded chairs are for inside use only, but we do have plain brown metal chairs that can be taken outside.


Q:  What is the rental fee?

A:  For weddings and/or wedding receptions, the fee is $200 per hour.  We do charge for setup and cleanup time, one hour each, at $200 per hour.  If you wish to come early in the day to set up, then go home and return later, arrangements can be made if no other event is booked that day, and you will not be charged for the time you are not on the premises.


Q:  Am I responsible for cleaning up?

A:  Yes!  We have weekly custodial service, so you will find the facility clean, and it must be clean when you leave.  All tables and chairs must be put away, and any furniture that was moved should be returned to its original location.  I will show you where to find brooms to sweep the floors.  You don’t have to mop unless there are spills.  You may use our garbage bags, compost bags, paper towels, sponges and dish soap.


Q:  Will I get a key?

A:  No.  Our church administrator lives on the premises and will be here to let you in and lock up when you leave.  She will be available during the event if you need help or have any questions or problems.


Q: Does the Church have a sound system I can use?

A:  Yes.  We have a portable system with a CD player that is loud enough for dancing.  This system has a microphone.  You can also bring your music on a laptop, ipod or MP3 player and plug it into the system.


Q:  Speaking of music, are there noise restrictions in the neighborhood?  What about dancing?

A:  The Church is far enough away from homes that we have not had a problem with noise.  After 10:00 pm, the glass doors leading out to the deck must remain closed.  You are welcome to have a band or a DJ at your event.  There is a lot of room on the stage for them to set up if they want, and there are several grounded electrical outlets available there.  Dancing is fine, as long as the dancers are not wearing shoes that would damage or mark the floor.


Q:  How many restrooms are there?

A:  Just inside the front door is a large, handicap accessible co-ed bathroom.  In the Bride’s Room (aka Ladies’ Lounge), there are two toilet stalls.  Downstairs are three more toilets.


Q:  What is the Bride’s Room like?

A:  The Bride’s Room has a dressing area with two large wall mirrors, a vanity with lights and two stools, an ironing board and iron, a garment rack and an overstuffed chair.  In a separate room are two sinks and two toilets.  There are also two shower stalls with changing areas.


Q:  What about the Groom’s Room?

A:  The Groom’s Room has a small sofa, several chairs, a desk and a coffee table.


 Q:  Are there any restrictions regarding vendors?

A:  No, we will welcome any minister, photographer, florist, musician and caterer that you choose.  They are welcome to make an appointment to see the facility and our church administrator is available to help them plan your event.  We will provide vendor recommendations upon request.


Q:  What should I tell my guests about parking?

A:  First, mention that the Church can be a little tricky to find!  The building itself is not visible from the street and it doesn’t look like a church.  Tell them to drive up the road to the parking lot.  At the top of the hill, in front of the church, there is enough space for three handicap vehicles.  Because this is private property, you may use these spaces for regular parking if you are not expecting any guests with a handicap placard.  Also, vendors can park there while they load in or out.  The church parking lot has 16 spaces, and about 20 more cars can fit in the Peter Pan playground, which we open during events to use as a parking lot.  There is street parking on Navellier.


Q:  How can I reach you if I have more questions?

A:   The church phone is 510-235-3646.  The church administrator’s cell phone is 510-734-6107.  You can e-mail her through the Contact page of this website.