Heaven, Hell and Other Places


Screening and DVD Release Party with film-directors Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan


Monday, April 15th, 6:30 pm

Doug Adams Gallery/Bade Museum/Pacific School of Religion

1798 Scenic Avenue, Berkeley


West-coast premiere of new documentary film about the Swedish scientist-mystic Emanuel Swedenborg, the man Jose Louis Borges called “the most interesting man in recorded history.”  Award-winning film-makers Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan will be present for a podium discussion about their work; the artists will also screen several additional short films related to their interests in 19th century Romanticism.   Wine reception with the artists at 6:30/film screening starts at 7:30


Tuesday evenings in February, 7:00-9:00

Starting Science From God – Lecture Series

    Finding Faith and Higher Knowledge

                    Through Physics

Many of us these days sense there is something real beyond the scope of naturalistic science.  But what?  Must mental and religious lives always remain a mystery and never become part of scientific knowledge?  Can theism ever be connected with science?

Professor Ian Thompson presents a series of four talks to explain a new rational approach to combining science and theism.  He presents theism as a scientific theory, explaining its basic postulates, consequences and predictions as simply as possible and without paradox.  Dr. Thompson shows how a following of core postulates of theism leads to novel and useful predictions about the psychology of minds and the physics of materials which should appear in the universe.  We will see if those precictions agree with the world as we observe it, both externally in nature and internally in our minds.  In fact, they mesh surprisingly well with the structure of reality already revealed by modern quantum field theory and by theories of developmental stages in human minds.

The result is a promising new rational theory encompassing theology, psychology and physics.

Each talk will last 45 minutes and after a break will be followed by 45 minutes for discussion.


Feb 5:  Connecting Science and Theism

Feb 12: Discrete Degrees

Feb 19: Explaining Theism

Feb 26: Applications to Theistic Science

Dr. Ian J. Thompson is currently employed as a Nuclear Physicist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He is Visiting Professor at the University of Surrey, England, where until 2006 he was Professor of Physics. He is the author of “Starting Science From God”, published by Eagle Pearl Press in 2011.