Hillside Swedenborgian Church

1422 Navellier Street, El Cerrito CA 94530
(510) 235-3646, cell (510) 734-6107
The Swedenborgian Church exists to help people be open to God’s presence and leading, especially by fostering personal and ordained ministries which facilitate the spiritual well-being of people. ┬áThe lights in which we seek to walk shines from the Lord Jesus Christ in His second coming, available to us through the divine presence in our hearts and minds, and through illumination of the Holy Scripture, the revelatory writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, and many additional sources in this unfolding new age of spiritual empowerment.
Hillside Swedenborgian Community Church provides a place of worship and gatherings for spiritual community and also shares its space with groups in spiritual endeavors of many kinds.  The surrounding park-like space supports our vision of offering an urban retreat center environment for the spiritual nourishment of all who enter its sacred precincts.

Map to our church:

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